VVV Vegetable Oil

VVV Supreme Vegetable Oil is a product that is specially produced for restaurants, caterers and food vendors who have large cooking and frying requirements. Our Vegetable Oil is produced from refined Palmolein and is rich in Vitamin E. The advantage of using VVV Vegetable Oil is to enable caterers and restaurants to provide healthy food to their customers. The yield from using our oil will give close to 20% savings in the requirements of oil hence saving money over time with regards to your cooking oil requirements. Our oil is also doubly refined to provide the best quality that is available in the market. We assure you that once you try this product of ours, you will not use any other Vegetable Oil in the market. True to our premium nature, we only sell the best quality of Vegetable Oil and will consistently deliver best results for your small business.

Advantages of VVV Vegetable Oil:

• Enriched with Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Beta Carotene
• Lowers Cholestrol
• Presence of Tocopherol that plays a protective role in cellular ageing and cancer
• Good for the skin and helps in bone growth
• 20% less oil absorption while cooking which results in better yield (Use less oil and cook more)
• High Smoke Point ensures less smoke and less evaporation thus reducing topping up with more oil while cooking
• Reaches frying temperature faster than other oils hence saving fuel
• Less thickening and blackening of oil that allows you to reuse the oil more number of times

Currently the product is available only for bulk purchase for restaurants, caterers and food vendors but we will shortly make it available for customers directly as well.

Packages Available in

20L Jerry Cans

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